Notes on new beginnings

For what it’s worth, I love this time of year. Any event that inspires productivity gets a massive thumbs up in my book. New Year is the perfect time to evaluate your life and seriously question what you can do to become a happier, healthier and more productive human being. I hope that you, whoever you might be, make this year everything you want it to be.

I’m not going to bore you too much with what I’ve planned to achieve this year. Goal setting is an effort to try and make sense of our lives, but what really matters is action. We should be taking ownership over our problems and making changes to improve our lives all the time. As far as I’m concerned where I want to be in life is my own business, for me to share when I feel it’s relevant rather than just for the sake of it. But what I will share is a secret: I’ve been blogging for over five years completely anonymously. I started the blog in 2012, and on that day I wrote the following…

So I thought i’d start a blog today. I’ll blog about what I want to blog about, not what I think I should be blogging about. I hope this blog deems of some kind of interest to you. If not, then that’s okay with me because I’m not aiming to please anyone but myself by doing this. Whether you do or do not like a post, feel free to let me know about it, comments are welcome.

Five years later, the intentions behind this shiny new space aren’t all that different. Only that my efforts to create a blog worth reading will be much greater. I want to grow something that I would be happy, and proud, to share with others. As much as I love my old blog, I never showed it to anyone, and it doesn’t serve much purpose to me anymore, other than as a source of quiet embarrassment. I was never savvy with the processes behind creating an accessible website, so presumably the only readers were myself and my friends. I only ever look at it to laugh at my shitty app reviews and bitter ramblings from years ago – but those things don’t represent who I am anymore. ­

So in the spirit of new beginnings, with a heavy heart I’ve removed my old blog from the web forever. What you see now is my new project. As was the case years ago, comments here are welcome. Here’s to a new year. *clinks glass*

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