cartoon image of blog author

Please enjoy this cartoon image of myself, minus the acne and extra bushy eyebrows.

I never know what to say for these kind of things, so for this reason I will briefly introduce Bambls as my personal website.

I’ve been blogging on and off for around five years, however for much of that time I was never that savvy with the processes behind creating an accessible and optimised website, so I suspect the only reader was myself. Now I do digital stuff for a living, with any luck that will start to change.

Initially my blogs consisted mostly of below average app reviews. Nowadays you’re more likely to find notes on the books I’m reading and the odd rant about all sorts. In real life you can find me reading, writing, cringing over things I said years ago, and wishing I had a dog to take for walks. Although a reserved person, I’m always open to new friendships and comments here are welcome.

– amber